Table Tennis

A game of discipline and patience is all you need to sharpen those nerves. Play your forehand.


If competition is what you love, then Squash is what you should play. We provide you with 2 Squash Courts with air conditioned with viewing gallery so that you never miss the ball.

Billiards / Snooker

A game night with the boys is all a man needs. For men of opulence we have 2 Billiards & 2 Snooker tables for you.

Virtual Games Zone

A large Virtual Gaming Zone with 5 (Interactive) Virtual Games.

Card Room

A Card room that can host 70-75 people, with 4 exclusive cabins.

Board Games

Some of the biggest wins are won between walls. And as an ode to the great minds we have board games for your grey cells.


Slam Dunk your mornings in our Basketball courts.
Start your morning with nothing less than a Slam Dunk in our Basketball Court.


Hit them with your best shot with 4 Badminton courts.
We give you 4 Badminton Courts so that nothing can stop you from hitting them with your best shot.



Live the beach game in our Box Volleyball Court.

Swimming Pool

Take a dip on a sunny day or simply splash your way to a healthy life. We have it all for you.

Box Cricket

What can be played outdoors can be celebrated indoors.

Box Football

What is good on field is better outdoors. We welcome to our fully equipped Box Football field.

Lawn Tennis

A game for the regals, requires and equally regal court. We give you 4 tennis courts to brush up the inner Serena Williams in you.