Party Lawns

There are parties that are arranged for their own specific purposes and then there is The Party that outshines all others. It’s pretty simple which one would be chosen as the better alternative. Which is why we have designed our Spacious Party Lawn precisely for the latter. With the entry and exit located at separate venues, you are free to move in and out at your own convenience, no matter the time of day or night. Merriment never had to be held down at a determined time.

  • Spread over 70,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Capacity for 1,000 people
  • A separate entry & exit –so your merriment can go undisturbed
  • A large Kitchen & Serving Area
  • Storage & Washrooms

Party Cottage

Adjoining the leisurely atmosphere of the Club, the Party Cottage is a perfect alternative for celebrating the birthday bash of your children, the third wedding anniversary for you and your spouse or simply the solo time you were planning for yourself. Based in the theme of the occasion you wish to rejoice in, the Party Cottage can be redesigned to your every whim and fantasy, ranging from Disney themes to a more romantic setting. As the quote goes, Ask and you will Receive.

  • Situated away from the leisurely atmosphere of the Club, the Party Cottage is the perfect venue for the birthday bash you were planning
  • Equipped with DJ system, party lights & dance floor
  • Designed to house about 150 people
  • Adjacent open area of 5500 Sq. Ft.